MOVE.BG’s project which identifies, connects, and unites the drivers of change in Bulgaria in a national network. Bulgaria has talents who address challenges from around the world.

We want to show their faces, in order to stimulate the change coming from Bulgaria to the world. And create our tomorrow together.

Do you know a person, who has clear values and vision for a positive societal change, and applies innovation and new technologies in the support of the societal and economic development? Nominate The ChangeMakers so that we show how many we are.

Nominate ChangeMakers

Map of the Changemakers of Bulgaria

is an interactive map where you can search projects based on categories and location


Who is a ChangeMaker?

A person with a significant social, environmental and / or business impact who:

  • Is innovative: uses a new model or an old model in a new way, to solve problems
  • Has a cause: works for the benefit of the society - in societal and / or business development of the country
  • Achieves results: actively works towards the change and the results are visible
  • Shares the values: constructive (works for positive development), sharing (common action), responsibility (they care)

What does The ChangeMakers bring you?

  • Feedback and useful contacts to help you work on your projects
  • You discover parallel-evolving projects similar to yours
  • Access to knowledge and resources

How do we choose the changemakers?

To select new "pins" on the map we follow a strict process, where transparency plays a key role:

  • People and organisations visualised on the map must cover at least a few of the criteria listed on the left and to be in-line with the values of MOVE.BG.
  • We launched the map with 100 changemakers, which were carefully selected by us, our ambassadors and our partners from the national tour.
  • Naming the changemakers is crucial for the map to continue to densify! By nominating changemakers you help us to reach our goal and together to show the 1000 faces of the change in Bulgaria!
  • Every last week of the month the collected nominations are being put to voting and the "jury" for 2019 are the initial 100 "pins" of the map.
  • With a democratic voting the first 100 changemakers choose the new additions to the map, organically growing a community of changemakers.

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