The ChangeMakers is a club of innovators who develop original ideas and businesses with positive impact on societal development. The ChangeMakers connects and unites the drivers of change in Bulgaria in a national network that identifies cross-disciplinary solutions for the future with the aim to inspire a positive change in the world that comes from Bulgaria in topics such as digital and sustainable development, education and science, contemporary art.

If you define yourself or recognize another person as a ChangeMaker, apply or nominate to join the community!

Let's CREATE our TOMORROW together!

Philosophy of the Club

Openness. We value all who dare and welcome you.
Connectivity. We are a network, diverse, yet like-minded.
Synergy. We are more together.
Tech-savviness. We embrace technology to empower our society.
New Paths. We discover ways to grow through innovation.
Passion. Our beliefs are bigger than the odds.
Nation Elevation. We drive our society forward.

Who is a ChangeMaker?

A person with a positive and significant environmental, societal or business footprint who is:

  • innovative: uses a new model or an old model in a new way to solve problems
  • with a cause: works for the benefit of the society, socially or economically oriented
  • active: acts for positive development and achieves real results
  • solidary: shares the give-get philosophy - shares experience/knowledge/time for club missions, projects or initiatives
  • responsible: shows commitment and perseverance

Tools of the Club

Map - an interactive map that gives visibility of the drivers of change in our country (The ChangeMakers) and so their projects and initiatives.

Virtual platform - building an active community needs an additional tool that allows its members to collaborate. The platform provides an opportunity to share information, experience and join topical groups, find exclusive information for access to financial resources.

Regular community meetings - aim to exchange valuable ideas and identify common initiatives and projects.

Map of the Changemakers of Bulgaria

is an interactive map where you can search projects based on categories and location


How we started

Since 2013 MOVE.BG offers innovative solutions for positive societal change. Our various projects and initiatives show us every day how many and diverse are the people who drive the change in Bulgaria. "The ChangeMakers" is the project that aims to unite them for common action.

In August 2018 we kick-started the project with a national tour. Within two months, our team with the help of local partners, held events in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and Sofia. In each of the cities, the purpose of the meetings was to talk with local ChangeMakers about the potentials and challenges of the city and how to address them.

The same answer we heard everywhere - "We need to connect with other similar projects/initiatives/organisations". Right after the tour we started building a platform that gives more visibility to the drivers of change and their projects and facilitates them to connect and cooperate.

What does the ChangeMaker do?

CREATES a positive development in the environment by providing solutions to socially important issues.

NETWORKS with interesting people who are driving transformational business, societal, environmental and cultural initiatives.

EXCHANGES TALENTS - gets support for its projects and shares its expertise with other Club members.

CREATES A TEAM - finds qualified and motivated like-minded people of The ChangeMakers map, and together develop and execute common ideas.

PROGRESSES along tailor made educational formats organized by the Club.

CONTRIBUTES to projects and causes of other ChangeMakers and to club activities.

HAS FUN during the informal events of the Club community.

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